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When a plugin is made to the edit-area in EPiServer the usercontrol is loaded everytime a user goes to edit the page. Is there any way to prevent the tabs usercontrol to load until the actual tab is clicked?

The plugin/usercontrol I got in one of the tabs does a lot of data searching and it would be great if the control isn't loaded until needed...

Regards, Andreas Ek, Internetfabriken.

#26878 Jan 07, 2009 9:20
  • Thomas Solbjør
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    This could be useful for pagetypes that have many xhtml-editors as well. The loadtime for editing a page gets frustrating long if there are 20+ editors. (I know - there might not be a good idea to have so many editors in the first place, but a delayed load of tabs could be useful anyhow)
    #26885 Jan 07, 2009 12:17
  • andreas.ek
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    There is a querystring in the page named "SelectedEditPanelTab". Perhaps it could be used somehow?

    #26896 Jan 07, 2009 14:27
  • Thomas Solbjør
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    Isnt that only for specifying the tab that should be selected on load?
    #26897 Jan 07, 2009 14:35
  • jo
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    This would have to be done in the plugins themselves, for example by moving all heavy databinding to the PreRender event insetad of doing it in Init().

    To alter the behavior of the standard tabs, like [Edit], it would require some hacking which would be Unsupported and Not Recommended and would possibly break when future releases are applied.



    #26953 Jan 09, 2009 13:46
  • andreas.ek
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    Placing databinding in prerender or not, still the plugin is loaded with heavy data...


    ( Hacking EPiServer? Don't drink and drive! )

    #26967 Jan 12, 2009 0:20
  • fredrik.haglund
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    When you click a tab a post back occurs and the page is rendered again.

    If your user control is visible (=tab selected), PreRender will be called otherwise not.

    So, if you tweak you code a little so it does not do anything in Init, Load and other events that is alwaysed called it should not cost so much in performance...

    #26973 Jan 12, 2009 11:59