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Last updated: Mar 25 2013


This document describes how to work with search queries in EPiServer CMS. By default, EPiServer CMS uses the Lucene Search Engine, supporting full-text search indexing and ranked search results. The search engine itself is based on the ASP.NET provider model meaning you can write your own providers to search servers.

Available Options

The following options are available when implementing search queries in CMS:


SearchDataSource can provide PageData objects to your data bound controls in your page templates.

SDK entry for SearchDataSource: EPiServer.Web.WebControls.SearchDataSource


The ContentSearchHandler is a CMS-specific search handler that handles common scenarios when searching for content. It has methods like GetSearchResults and GetContent to simplify the development process.

SDK entry for ContentSearchHandler: EPiServer.Core.ContentSearchHandler

Custom Queries

For more advanced search scenarios you have the possibility to build your own queries to ask the EPiServer Search Index. This can be done by grouping together different queries to find whatever you are looking for. You can use the following CMS-specific queries:

See Also

For detailed information about search features of the EPiServer platform (for example, other queries available), see the Search section in EPiServer Framework SDK.

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