Change MasterLanguage on existing pages

Thomas Solbjør
Member since: 2006
Is it possible to change the masterlanguage on existing pages? I dont want to change all pages, just a few. Now: -Root (Lang: no) --StartPage (Lang:no) ---Menu1 (Lang:no) ----Sub1 (Lang:no) ----Sub2 (Lang:no) ---Menu2 (Lang:no) ----Sub1 (Lang:no) ----Sub2 (Lang:no) ---Menu3 (Lang:no) ----Sub1 (Lang:no) ----Sub2 (Lang:no) What I want: -Root (Lang: no) --StartPage (Lang:no) ---Menu1 (Lang:no) ----Sub1 (Lang:no) ----Sub2 (Lang:no) ---Menu2 (Lang:no) ----Sub1 (Lang:no) ----Sub2 (Lang:no) ---Menu3 (Lang:nn-no) ----Sub1 (Lang:nn-no) ----Sub2 (Lang:nn-no) Today it seems like I have to keep the MasterLanguage in "no", and create a new LanguageBranch in "nn-no". I have changed the "Available languages" on "Menu3" to allow only "nn-no", but that only affects new pages. Any ideas? For the record - I have created a PlugIn that loops the existing tree and creates LanguageBranch-pages - but that is not what I actually want.
#15910 Mar 25, 2008 19:07
  • Linus Ekström
    Member since: 2002
    Hi Thomas! I have create a beta version of a "Change language tools" package for EPiServer CMS 5. This tool includes two main functionalities. One changes the language for existing content for a page or structure of pages. For instance, all english content should be changed to norwegian for page 3 and all sub pages. This can be usefull when going from single language environment to multi language envvironment and the existing content is on the wrong language branch. The other tool can be used to change/set the master language for a page or a sub set of pages. I guess that this is what you are after. This tool might loose some content for common properties (not built in meta data) for older versions because these are saved only for the master language versions. The content for the last version will always be saved though. Please contact our support team if you are interested in this tool. ps. My hope is that this feature will included in the admin mode by default in the future. ds.
    #16617 Mar 25, 2008 19:11
    This is exactly what we need. We accidentaly defaulted the language to EN but the entire site is in NO. And now we need to convert it to the NO brance. You'll get my mail soon :)
    #16618 Mar 25, 2008 19:11
  • Petter Klang
    Member since: 2008
    Adam Najmanowicz made a nice extended version of the tool and it can be found here.
    #30787 Jun 22, 2009 10:27