Problem with the default value of the property

Michael Petrov
Member since: 2009


I created the property "FooterText" on my standard page: String (<=255), and put the default value. But it doesn't work correctly: the default value isn't appeared in the site.

<EPiServer:Property PropertyName="FooterText" DisplayMissingMessage="false" EnableViewState="false" runat="server" /> - is empty.

Value must be entered - unchecked
Searchable property - unchecked
Unique value per language - checked
Display in Edit Mode - checked

Can anyone expline this situation?


#29188 Apr 14, 2009 16:51
  • henriknystrom
    Member since: 2004

    The behaviour for the default value of a property is actually working a bit different than you describe.

    The default value is a value that will be set for the property when the page first is created, it is not a value that will be used if the property value is empty.

    Hope that makes sense.


    #29197 Apr 15, 2009 2:20
  • Michael Petrov
    Member since: 2009

    Thank you

    #29200 Apr 15, 2009 10:26