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Victor Rincon
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I am pretty new developing EpiServer solutions, so I wonder if you could help me a bit.

My goal is to develop an object (don´t know yet if a webform, a customerItem or what..) in order to have the following:

 2 textboxes and 1 button, so that when clicking the button an external site will be requested and the boxes´content will be taken as REQUEST parameters...

This dummy solution must be used in different sites, so... which one do you think it is the best way to implement it? 

Will it be possible to show this external site in a "frame"  or something like that located in my EpiServer object?

 Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

  Regards, Victor

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  • ted.nyberg
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    Maybe you could just implement a simple web form and set the PostBackURL property of the button? That is, IF you want to POST your form to another site?

    #29215 Apr 15, 2009 22:36
  • Victor Rincon
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    Thanks about your post Ted! It seems to work fine. I just created a page type which implements a web form with a button which leads to the external site... but a couple of more questions:


    1.- If I need to use this page type in different sites, and some of them are not administrated by me... Is it some way to pack and distribute this page type so that other sites could just "plug and play" it?


    2.- If I want to come back from the external site to the EpiServer site, is it some easy way to do it... I was thinking to send the EpiServer sites adress within the request so that external site could use it later...

     Thanks a lot for your help!


    BR, Victor





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