Custom Title tag and description/keyword metatags (Episerver v4.62)


I'm using Episerver 4.61 

Firstly, i'd like to change a page's <title> tag without effecting navigation links. Is this possible via the editor or would it require template coding changes? If so, how should i go about it?

Secondly, i'd like to be able to control the description and keyword metatags per-page. From looking at the editor manual it talks about the 'Page description' and 'standard search words for pages', however i cannot find them in edit mode, all i have in advanced information are:

Display page in menus 
Sort order
Sort index  
Language encoding  
Archive to page  
Simple address for this page  
Page name in Web address

I've looked all over but can't find the relevent property anywhere. Am i going to have to code something in the page templates or is this something i can do as admin or editor?

Many thanks for any help!

#29368 Apr 22, 2009 18:00
  • Lars Bodahl
    Member since: 2002
    If you need to change the title tag or metatags per-page, you will need to write code to handle it.
    #29372 Apr 23, 2009 7:31
  • Erik Nordin Wahlberg
    Member since: 2004

    Check in dynamic properties if you can set description and keywords. If not, it's probably not implemented.

     If you want to set the page title to something you provide in edit-mode, add a property to the page type where you want to do it. Could be of the type String and named like PageTitle.

    Then in your template (or masterpage):

    if (CurrentPage["PageTitle"] != null) {
    Page.Title = CurrentPage["PageTitle"].ToString();

    #29374 Apr 23, 2009 10:12