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Last updated: May 26 2015

Content Delivery Network (CDN) configuration

[New in 8.7]


This document describes how to configure contentent delivery networks.

How it works

In Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), requests to the web server often come from an edge server and not from the actual client; therefore the HttpContext.Request.UserHostAddress property reflects the edge server's IP address rather than the connecting client's.

When personalizing content based on the client's IP address (for example, geolocation), the content should be based on the client's IP address and not the edge server's.

CDNs forward the connecting client information in the HTTP headers, so to be able to personalize content based on IP address in a CDN, you need to configure the header with true IP (change the header name based on the header sent from the CDN, the header name differs between CDNs):

     <add key="episerver:ClientIPAddressHeader" value="True-Client-IP" />

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