Export language branch

valdis iljuconoks
Member since: 2011

Is it possible to export just a single language branch? It may be from UI, programmatically, hacky through database, whatever solution..

#87001 Jun 06, 2014 10:56
  • Marija Jemuovic
    Member since: 2010

    Backup, delete other language branches, export what you have, restore DB?

    #87003 Jun 06, 2014 11:56
  • Johan Björnfot
    Member since: 2004

    Programatically you can create an instance of EPiServer.Enterprise.DataExporter. There you add the content items to export to property SourceRoots (you can specify if it should include descendents or not).

    You can also specify which languages to exoirt by adding languages to property ContentLanguages (if not set all languages are exported). You should be aware though that the master language for each content is always included (since the "common" properties for a content is stored on the master language branch).

    #87029 Jun 07, 2014 22:22
  • valdis iljuconoks
    Member since: 2011

    Thanks! I'll try it out.

    #88664 Jul 23, 2014 11:38
  • Per Nergård
    Member since: 2007

    Does the built in export in admin mode export all languages? Seems that it only does the masterlanguage. Or maybe it's the import that doesn't handel multi languages?

    What I would like to do is export a structure in sv en en-GB and import into another site. Then I would like to convert those pages with the convert pages tool to some other types.

    Is this possible? Have  Episerver some tool or do we have to build our own?

    #175524 Feb 22, 2017 15:13

    The export in the admin mode exports the content with all languages and in the import side you can select all or specific language.

    There is in the admin mode convert page type might it can help you when you will convert pages. 

    #175612 Feb 24, 2017 8:55
  • Per Nergård
    Member since: 2007

    Yep found out. You need to be in 10.2 I think to get language handling in the export / import.

    Tested it yesterday and it works great :)

    #175613 Feb 24, 2017 8:57