Getting EPiServer XForms stats without a webcontrol

Danie de Kock
Member since: 2006


 Is it possible to get access to the stats from the XForms without using the xformstatistics webcontrol doing the rendering?


#28889 Mar 25, 2009 20:11
  • Anders Hattestad
    Member since: 1996

    You can access all the result by using some thing from this

    IList<XFormData> data = Xform.GetPostedData(ActivePage.PageGuid, DateTime.MinValue, DateTime.MaxValue);
                    List<XFormData> only = new List<XFormData>();
                    string tmp="";
                    foreach (XFormData d in data)
                        tmp = d.GetValue("OnlyLang");
                        if (CurrentPage.LanguageID.Equals(tmp))



    #28890 Mar 25, 2009 21:20