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Is there anyway to get hold of the functionality used on the blogs on this site where  by using the ?feed=RSS querystring can get the posts in RSS. We are using the Blog template from the demo templates and there does not seem to be any support for RSS in it.
#28932 Mar 27, 2009 16:24
  • Eric
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    We are using the RSS from the demotemplate with only a few tweeks to the code. Look at our demo site at this adress and you will se the same RSS that we are using on world. 


    #28933 Mar 27, 2009 16:47

    I am trying to use the RSS page type from the demotemplates, but it seems to only display the first children and nothing below that. I see that it uses PageDataCollection children = GetChildren(listingContainer);

    Is there a way to grab ALL children for a root, after you set the page root? The RSS feed is not useful if I have to set the root to the particular month. The blog is only going to have monthly entries (possibly 1-2 entries per month) and not daily entries. I would like to set the root to the year and have it read the months and days in that year and display this in the RSS.  Is this possible? Does this make sense what I am trying to do?

    #34056 Oct 27, 2009 19:59
  • Karl Alesbury
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    I was going to use FindPagesWithCriteria and set the criterias to what I wanted. Have you looked into that particular avenue?

    #34865 Nov 18, 2009 17:49