Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Changes in

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Id Type Package Title Released
CMS-11938 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.12.0 Image not selected in media component Nov 02, 2018
CMS-11981 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.12.0 Description missing in Block Field Nov 02, 2018
CMS-11986 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.10.6 Multiple sites: cache not validated when updating contenttype Nov 01, 2018
CMS-11746 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 CMS UI still manipulates the DOM when setting renderer="none" Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11906 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Adding attributes to element after load does not add overlays in edit mode Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11960 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Double reload when navigating in preview mode Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11985 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Adding attributes for editing "Name" property to element after load breaks OPE Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11859 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Cannot debug Shell dojo code Oct 24, 2018
CMS-9175 Feature EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Client-side routing breaks OPE editing Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11768 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 beta/contentSaved event publishes wrong data Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11776 Feature EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Improvements for client-side routing with OPE Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11998 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Opening legacy dialog removes overlays Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11703 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.11.0 Cannot click string OPE overlay with empty value Oct 24, 2018
CMS-11864 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.10.5 Link validation job fails for invalid links with special characters Oct 12, 2018
CMS-11631 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.10.4 Automatic creation of database schema doesn't work when Find+Marketing is installed Oct 10, 2018
CMS-11728 Feature EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.10.0 API improvements for LanguageManager Add-On Oct 09, 2018
CMS-11220 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.10.3 Import functionality updates translation even if newer version exists on target Oct 01, 2018
CMS-11812 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.9.1 Improve Japanese translations Oct 01, 2018
CMS-11291 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.10.2 NullReferenceException in UriSupport.AbsoluteUrlBySettings when no wildcard hostname Sep 24, 2018
CMS-11234 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.9.0 Show error VG while it is valid Sep 20, 2018