Changes to assets for catalog entries/skus are intermittantly lost

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.UI 9.1.0


Aug 26, 2015


Oct 01, 2015




Closed, Fixed and tested


Updated repo steps:

1. On a commerce site, edit any variant/SKU with more that one item in the asset list.
2. Go to forms edit of the variant.
3. Open the assets tab.
4. Remove one item from the list via the context menu. (Note: If you have the developer tools, or some kind of fiddler open, you see XHR requests).
4. Remove a second item. While it is visually removed from the list, no XHR requests are sent.
5. Reload the UI and go back to the *assets *tab.
6. See that only one item was removed.

Note: In step 4, if you explicitly set focus on the row before opening the context menu, the removal works as expected and is persisted correctly. So this seems to be focus related.

---------------------------------------------------- Original repro steps ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Install Quicksilver and upgrade to Commerce 8.16

Steps to reproduce
1. Go to assets tab on a product
2. Drag several asset to "drop media here area"
3. Update seo description to trigger autosave
4. Publish
5. Check Asset tab on sku/product

Expected: Correct amount of assets are added to product/sku.

Actual: Incorrect amount of asstes i asset tab See screencast in History