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Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview lists changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages and services. Use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project, see Installing Episerver updates. Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and filter for dates, features, or bug fixes.

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  Support Options method for CDA and CMA endpoints

With this feature the Options method for CDA (Content Delivery API) and CMA (Content Management API) endpoints is decorated adding full support for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

Other sites can send pre-flight request (Options request) to CDA and CMA endpoints. With this, CORS will also have support for the OAuth endpoints in the CD.OAuth package.

CD endpoints will return 'x-epi-continuation' in the 'Access-Control-Expose-Headers' header.

Soon to be released
  [InsightUI][Segment] Display 500 error when Preview Profile filter definition with quote and curly bracket

1. Create a profile filter definition like this:

POST: /api/v2.0/filterDefinitions
            "Name": "PDF_Name_with_quote_curly_bracket",
            "Description": "Name equal inputValue with single quote and curly bracket",
            "Query": "Name eq '{{name}}'",
            "Category": "PFD",
            "Type": "Profiles"

-> It returns 201 Created
2. Open Insight > Segment > press the Create a segment button
3. Choose the newly created filter definition in step 1 > choose Scope value > press Preview

  • Actual: Display the Error message: Oops... Error: Request failed with status code 500
    Please see an attached image.
Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.23.0;
Nov 26, 2020
  FindCommerce should allow temporarily disabled event indexing

Fixed issue with ability to set FindCommerce event indexing to allow for temporarily disabling of event indexing. 

CatalogContentClientConventions.AllowIndexingCatalogContent should be possible to set dynamically. Furthermore, IsListeningToPriceEvents, IsListeningToInventoryEvents and IsListeningToLowLevelApiEvents should be introduced, and also possible to set dynamically to allow fine grain control of the indexing.


Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.2.0;
Nov 19, 2020
  CatalogEventIndexer.IndexContentInAllLanguages is slow

Fix to improve performance of catalog intensive operations such as import, when loading language versions.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.2.0;
Nov 19, 2020
  Custom registrations through ContentDataInterceptorHandler is not detected

The intention is that we should use Castle for proxy generation if a partner has custom registration for intercerptors. It seems that in some case we fail to detect that.


Fix Version/s: EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.20.2;
Nov 13, 2020
  Improvements when deleting events by TrackId

You can delete an event or all events by specified TrackId. The deleted event is no longer available through the API or UI (until a new event with this TrackId is tracked).

After deleting the event by specific TrackId, you can track a new event using the same TrackId. You also should use newly tracked events in segments.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.22.0;
Nov 06, 2020
  Improvements when deleting profiles

You can delete a profile and all related events. The deleted profile events are not available anymore through API or UI.

After deleting the profile and related events, you can track a new event from the same devices. You should create a new profile when processing these new events. You also should use newly tracked events in segments.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.22.0;
Nov 06, 2020
  Product name updated (Insight to Visitor Intelligence)

The product name Insight was updated to Visitor Intelligence in the user interface.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.22.0;
Nov 06, 2020
  Marketing connectors: Error occurred when duplicate fields were present on visitor group fields.

When you configured a visitor group, an error occurred if duplicate field names were present in the marketing provider.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.6.2;
Nov 03, 2020
  Scroll bars are very difficult to drag

It is difficult to drag the scrollbars, you almost always get hold of the resize functionality instead. Scrollbars should take priority of resize.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.30.1;
Oct 30, 2020
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