Multiple Domains - Redirecting to different Pages.


Hi Everybody!

I would like to know if it's possible to have multiple domains redirected to different pages in episerver without affecting the url. Is it builtin-functionality or do I have to write an Url-rewriter?

For example: A customer has three sites:

which I would like to redirect to three diffrent "startpages" in the pagestrucure. So if a user types, he will be redirected to the page "/SiteFi", but still will see in the browser.


Will it then be a problem if for example /SiteSe and /SiteFi has a subpage named "Press"?, so that and will be redirected to the respective Press-page?

Every sites also has multiple languages, so, should show the finnish site in english, but that wouldn't be a problem I believe?


 Robert Palmqvist

#27564 Feb 03, 2009 9:09
  • Thomas Solbjør
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    This is Enterprise functionality. 

    #27565 Edited, Feb 03, 2009 9:20
  • Anders Hattestad
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    or you could let 2 of the sites be dummy sites in IIS and make the redirect to your main site
    #27599 Feb 03, 2009 23:15
  • ted.nyberg
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    Anders' option is valid, although you would still see the "real URL" in the browser's address bar.

    You could implement custom URL rewriting, but that might be a bit too much buck for the bang! ;)

    #27609 Feb 04, 2009 11:29
  • Muhammad Kashif
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    Hi ALL

    Have someone found any best option to achieve this  . I'm also looking to achieve the similar things e.g . I'v a  separate main site


    And then I will have say 3 more enterprise sites , enterpsie sites requires you to have unique domains






    But I want to access these sites so to end users it looks like the part of the main site such as



    I can't see to ahieve this through episerver url rewrite  .Can anyone suggest best solution to achieve this within episerver solution?





    #44163 Oct 04, 2010 12:38
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    not sure it's what you are looking for, but you can add entries in the <sitehostMapping> tag in EpiserverFramework.config:

        <siteHosts siteId="[YOUR SITE ID]">
          <add name="*" />
          <add name="site1.local" language="en" />
          <add name="site2.local" language="sv" />

    #44179 Oct 04, 2010 17:28
  • Muhammad Kashif
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    Thanks Danny


    But I'm looking to use same domain as( local/site1 and local/site2) . Assuming local is the main site in my enterprise environment . I've couple of solutions that are outside the EPiServer but I'm looking for if someone has already achieved this . Also my scenario is around episerver enterprise (which may or may not be multi lingual)

    #44184 Oct 04, 2010 21:33
  • Anders Hattestad
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    I have done something like this. It can all be done by making your own FriendlyUrlRewriter.

    #44185 Oct 04, 2010 23:13