Unlogged-in user access to Tags & Forums


afternoon developers,
I've installed a Relate plus site, and reskinned the existing templates.
I've noticed when an unlogged-in user (new site visitor) accesses the Tags or forum sections, only content from the first Tag/Forum is displayed.
If a user logs in everything works as it should.

Has anybody else come across this behaviour? Is there some sort of anonymous user utilised by the code to give new visitors access to Tags or Forums?

 Thanks in advance

#30356 Jun 12, 2009 13:56
  • tost
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    Hi Efe,

    This sounds very strange. In the tags section a user and a anonymous request will not be handeled differently.

    Best regards,

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    #30978 Jun 26, 2009 17:18
    solved this by the way, the caching setting in the web config had been altered, returning them to default sorted the problem
    #30979 Jun 26, 2009 17:18