File attachment in XForm

Daniel Pålsson
Member since: 2008

We need to make it possible for the users to enable file attachment in XForms.

Does anybody have a good suggestion or a best practice how to do this?

The basic plan is to let the user add a "component" on the form with a certain name and this will add a file attechment on the form.

#61007 Sep 04, 2012 13:27
  • Mari Jørgensen
    Member since: 2003

    Jakob Khan has written a blog post about this:

    #61023 Sep 05, 2012 10:01
  • Daniel Pålsson
    Member since: 2008

    It's not exactly what we are looking for.

    We want the editor to be able to check if the FileUpload shall be used or not in the "Form Creator Page"

    So we need the component to be initialized in the xform and the submit also to be handled from there.

    Would be great if a fileUpload component will be implemented in CMS 7

    #61048 Sep 05, 2012 14:56
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    How did you solve it Daniel?

    #64738 Jan 08, 2013 16:12
  • Daniel Pålsson
    Member since: 2008

    We havn't!

    #64740 Jan 08, 2013 16:14
  • Anders Hattestad
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    Take a look at this blog post

    #64754 Jan 08, 2013 23:52