Problems with DOPE

Tore Gjerdrum
Member since: 2006


Is there anything special you need to do to get DOPE to work on a site? I works fine out of the box on my development environment, but it doesn`t work on my test environment. I use the same database and i use the EPiServer:Property webcontrol to render out the properties.

 BR, Tore Gjerdrum

#26697 Dec 16, 2008 14:40
  • Per Hemmingson
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     Do you inherit from EPiServer.TemplatePage?

    #26706 Dec 16, 2008 16:29
  • Tore Gjerdrum
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    Hi Per.

    I inherhit from a class that inherits form EPiServer.TemplatePage. Is there any permissions that you need to set? Have not found any yet.

    BR, Tore Gjerdrum

    #26708 Dec 16, 2008 16:45
  • Per Gunsarfs
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    Hi from another Per

    No special permission needed, other than that the currently logged on user has to have up to and including publish access on the page.

    Exaclty what is happening? Is the option avaliable on the right click menu but nothing happens when you select it, or is it missing completly? Any javascript errors?


    Per Gunsarfs
    EPiServer CMS development team

    #26709 Dec 16, 2008 17:00
  • Tore Gjerdrum
    Member since: 2006

    Hi another Per :)

    The option is there and when I click it the page is loaded an normal. But I don`t get the squares around the MainIntro and MainBody property as I get in my development enviroment. There are no javascript errors.

    If you want, you could send me an email and I will send a username and password to the site to you. My email is tore dot gjerdrum at epinova dot no.

    I did a little check to see if SupportsOnPageEdit was set to true, and it is true:

    IPropertyControl control = PropertyControlClassFactory.Instance.CreatePropertyControl(propName.InnerProperty);

    if (control != null)
    PropertyDataControl control2 = control as PropertyDataControl;
    if (control2 != null)
    bool foo1 = control2.SupportsOnPageEdit;

    BR, Tore Gjerdrum.

    #26711 Dec 16, 2008 17:46
  • Shahid nawaz
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    Hi Tore,

    We have a known isssue in R2 running under windows 2003 i.e. Bug # 15719. We have tested that this bug also causes probelms with DOPE. Possible workaround is to add StatcFiileHandler in your webconfig i.e.

    <location path = util>
    <add path="*.ht*" verb ="*" type="EPiServer.Web.StaticFileHandler, EPiServer" validate="True"/>

    #26712 Dec 16, 2008 22:55
  • Tore Gjerdrum
    Member since: 2006

    Thanks Shahid!

    Will try it out later this week.


    #26738 Dec 17, 2008 17:08
  • Tore Gjerdrum
    Member since: 2006

    Tested it out now and it worked like a charm :)

    Thanks Shahid!

    #26820 Dec 23, 2008 11:42
  • anders.murel
    Member since: 2007

    I have a similar problem..

    When I click "edit" just one of many <episerver:property .. /> controls gets the lines/dotts around them.

    EPiServer version: 5.1.422.256

    OS: Windows Vista



    The controls is in a .ascx that inherits from EPiServer.UserControlBase. This usercontrol is placed in Page.aspx.

    If i move the <episerver:property.. /> from inside the usercontrol to the Page.aspx; DOPE is working.

    Any ideas?

    Update 2:

    For some reason this was the problem:

    protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

    if (IsValue("Thumbnail"))
    pnlImage.Visible = true;



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