Last updated: Nov 06 2017

Area: Episerver Perform, Episerver Reach Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (JavaScript API)

Product page tracking request

The product page is tracked by providing the reference code of the product.

Note: Ensure the product code matches the code supplied in the catalog feed.

product Product reference code

Includes a refCode property, with the value of the product reference code string.

The product page is tracked using the following script:

	"type"    : "product", 
	"lang"    : "en-gb", 
	"product" : { 
		"refCode" : "PROD500" 

If you want the callback to contain only the ref-codes (rather than default full product details) for recommended products, use the recContent parameter to specify " refCodeOnly" (see the Recommendations recommendation callback section for details).

	"type"       : "product", 
	"lang"       : "en-gb",
	"recContent" : "refCodeOnly",
	"product"    : { 
		"refCode" : "PROD500" 

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