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Pretty new to EPi 5.2 but here goes.
Im trying to build my self an XForm.
Iam putting in one textbox and one button.
On the button, I tell the editor to Save In Database....ok....

Browsing the page that contains the form -> write blabla in the textbox and click submit generates the following throw:
System.Exception: Cannot find form to submit

A fast look in the Reflector tells me that this is catched in the Submitform virtual method in

Here is some part of the reflected code to SubmitForm virtual  method
   XFormControl xFormContainer = base.XFormContainer;
    if (xFormContainer == null)
        throw new Exception("Cannot find form to submit");

What the...am I doing wrong, or what is it that im missing here.

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  • arnt.grostad
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    (this is me, posting to my self after help from EPiServer Support.)

    All DataBinds() have to be assignet a controler.
    All DataBinds() that lives within a page_load / OnLoad must be captualted within a !IsPostBack check.

    Also be aware to check third party codes.


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  • Abhishek salgaunkar
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