Demo site, Problem with login into Edit mode



I have installed demo site for (EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.7) on win2003. I can login to the site but when try to use edit/admin mode I sends back to login page and I can't login again as same user (my administrator login on the server). I don't know how to fix this problem. Any help on this?

#28639 Mar 17, 2009 10:34
  • Magnus Rahl
    Member since: 2008

    Perhaps the user you are logging in as is not a member of the groups with access to the UI location in web.config (check location/authorization tags for your UI paths). You speak about the demo site and I think the default after installation is that the windows membership/role provider is used, and the locations are configured for Administrators, WebAdmins and WebEditors. So you have to be a member of the windows Administrators group to log in to edit/admin mode.

    #28642 Mar 17, 2009 11:09
  • Mari Jørgensen
    Member since: 2003
    What is your OS language?
    #28653 Mar 17, 2009 14:40
    I use the Administrator user when login. My OS language is Swedish.
    #28698 Mar 18, 2009 15:33

    Thanks, I put the tag bellow because the OS Language is Swedish and it works now.

    <allow roles="WebEditors, WebAdmins, Administrators, Administratörer"/>

    #28699 Mar 18, 2009 15:47
  • Michael Petrov
    Member since: 2009

    I have the same problem on Vista. My Os language is Russian. The code below doesn't work:

    <allow roles="WebEditors, WebAdmins, Administrators, Администраторы"/>

    Any ideas?

    #28914 Mar 26, 2009 16:16