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  • Property Validations

    Inspiration for this blog post comes from the blog post on page validations  and I wanted to spin a little further on this subject by creating a flexible validation atttribute you can place on the property to validate. I wanted to use lamba... 3

  • Top Tips To Get An Existing EpiServer Project Up And Running

    I work frequently with numerous clients on different projects and the first big hurdle in being able to make any impactful changes is being able to get the existing site up and running on your development machine. In some instances, you might be...

  • Configure EPiServer Media Auto Publish on Upload

    In this post we will enhance media auto-publish option to gain more control over what's going to be automatically published and what will stay for manual publishing. EPiServer gives site admins option to configure whether media file gets...

  • Indexing custom content providers with EPiServer Find

    I was issued to solve some indexing issues with a MediaImageContentProvider that inherited from EPiServer.Core.ContentProvider. The indexer threw errors like this "An exception occurred while indexing content 9444__mediaimageprovider: Object...

  • Top 10 do's and don'ts

    ...when building a GREAT Episerver solution. These are my favorite top areas that are often forgotten that separates a great solution from a decent solution. (Sorry for caps earlier. I tend to get excited when talking about this area) 1. DO use...

  • Nested queries in Episerver Find

    VIP-Players-Union So you finally got the promotion you were hoping for and now you the man in charge! As your first decision you obviously purchase a Episerver CMS and Episerver Find license. Everybody in the company applauds your decision and all...

  • EPiServer Find Wildcard searching

    This is a bit of a hidden feature in EPiServer Find. Typically when you want wildcard searching miscellaneous blogs will make us use the EPiServer UnifiedSearch. There is a much simpler solution than so.

  • Can't load the EPiServer edit gui in development environment

    I was getting errors like "Error: multipleDefine(…)" and "Uncaught Error: declare: base class is not a callable constructor." in the console. 

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