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  • Installing WebApi and enable dependency injection for it

    It is more and more common to use WebApi inside a Episerver solution, since it is great to use when you for example like to extend the editor interface or do some ajax request on the site. Installing WebApi is very straight forward but sadly not t... 2

  • Force Property Type Reset

    During the development phase of a project it is, at least for me, rather common to change property names and property types when refactoring or otherwise improving the code. This can create a clutter of properties on a content type that are not... 2

  • Introducing changes to reduce our Public API

    One of the primary considerations when building a software platform that other developers based their work on is to maintain backwards compatibility. As the platform grows larger and more complex this can become the major restraining factor when... 2

  • Creating a simple coupon code discount

    Coupon code discounts are one of the simplest discount types. All new EPiServer promotions can be configured to be applied with coupon code. In this article, I will show how to add a coupon code to an order and create a simple order discount using...

  • Talking About CMS Terminology: Omnichannel, Machine Learning, and More

    We look at how CMS features like omnichannel, machine learning, and autonomous personalization can bring new power to your digital strategy.

  • Episerver meetup in New York City

    I am very happy to announce the first Episerver Meetup, at Valtech, in New York City. It will be hosted at Valtech’s amazing New York office, which is located in the vibrant Meatpacking District – more precisely at 416 W 13th St, Suite 309, New...

  • “Mobile last” strategy approach with “Multilayered webforms presentation architecture” for ASP.NET Webforms and #EPiServer CMS 9, 8 and 7,5 #EpiDev #MobileLast

    Hey EPiServer World, with you in mind! Stuck with an ASP.NET WebForms-solution with no responsive layout? And the owner won’t redo all web to MVC? Then here is the simpler way to go responsive… without rebuilding all and immoderate job effort from...

  • How To Set-Up A New EPiServer Find index in Less Than 5 Minutes

    EpiFind can be a great option if you have aspirations of creating an all singing and dancing search provider in your project. For investigation, demonstration and development purposes anyone can create a free EpiFind index very quickly. In today’s...

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