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  • CMS 11 - A package breaking release

    At Episerver we are using continuous releases and we follow  semantic versioning . That means that we release features and bugfixes continuously. A major release indicates that there is breaking change compared to the previous version. The main...

  • CMS 11 pre-release packages

    Pre-release packages of CMS 11 are being published to the Episerver NuGet feed  today. A pre-release version indicates that the version is unstable, it has currently been tested by both QA and internal teams at Episerver for a few weeks but there... 2

  • Taking control of client-side rendering in OPE (Beta)

    You can read more about how you enable Beta features in  Fredrik Tjärnberg’s blog post . With CMS UI 10.12.0 we’re including some options to better support the On-Page Editing (OPE) experience for websites that want to handle the view on the... 10

  • Planned Breaking Changes 2017 (CMS UI)

    Notable Changes TinyMCE Package The TinyMCE editor and related plugin configuration features will be moved into a separate NuGet package as an add-on with its own versioning number and breaking changes. This is to allow us to have a release cycle... 1

  • Sticky View Mode

    In previous Episerver versions, a default view for the current content type was loaded when you navigated the content tree. By using a UIDescriptor, it was possible to change the default view for a specific ContentType. For example, in Alloy demo... 3

  • Planned breaking changes 2017 (CMS Core)

    An update to let you know what breaking changes are planned for CMS Core, as we have done the last few years we plan for one breaking change release of CMS per year. With that said, please note that this is preliminary and subject to change. More... 8

  • Limiting items in a ContentArea

    Feature The ContentArea should Supported to limits a number of block inside it (for individual ContentArea ). When total blocks is over max limited size, the action links section should be hidden. When total blocks is over max limited size, editor... 4

  • Show overlay label for ContentArea when hovering in On-Page-Edit mode

    Following this forum thread - Show overlay label for ContentArea when hovering in On-Page-Edit mode , I created a custom content area to resolve it (in Alloy MVC template). Firstly, to see how a property display its overlay label when hover, inspe... 1

  • Introducing Group/Role support in Content Approvals

    This feature was released in CMS UI 10.10.0. What are Groups/Roles? Groups, or Roles, are already commonly used in the CMS to manage access rights and other settings that should apply to a group of users instead of setting them individually. A...

  • Content Approvals Require comments for Decline and Approve

    This is the last feature in Content Approvals before we remove the Beta tag and make it public.   This feature allows administrators to configure an Approval Definition  with require comments on Approve and/or Decline.     Once this is configured... 6

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Blog posts from the CMS Core and UI teams

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