Trouble Accessing Support Tickets

Last update: Sep 21 2016
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Since both Ektron and EPiServer are using the same ticketing system, some of our Ektron customers are having trouble accessing support tickets/attachments when clicking on links they receive. Below are some steps to help troubleshoot these issues.

  1. Do you have an Ektron Customer Portal Account?
    • In order to access Ektron support tickets, you must be registered on the Customer Portal. If you do not have an account, please sign up for one on the homepage. In order to register, we will have to verify maintenance and you must register with an email address from your organization.

  2. When clicking on the link you get redirected to EPiServer World
    • This is intended behavior. In order to use existing Customer Portal accounts, our system requires a redirect to perform a single sign on. Because we are now supporting both Ektron and EPiServer customers, the default redirect had to go to EPiServer World first. 

      When redirected, you should see a login button for "Authenticate via Ektron Customer Portal" on the left hand side of the login page.

      Do not login to the Episerver World Login

      If you don't see this page, it means you have already authenticated with an account on EPiServer World. You can also determine this if you see a circle icon in the top right corner of EPiServer World. The following error may be thrown if this is the case.

      "Your account does not have access to the support system."

      If this is the case, you will need to logout and then click on the link again.  (You may also need to clear out your cookies as well if login persists on EPiServer World)  

      Once you click on "Take me there", it will set a cookie remembering your prefernce and redirect you to the customer portal to login to view tickets. 

      If you have both accounts on EPiServer World and the Ektron Customer Portal it is reccommended to use a different browser when viewing/creating tickets if you continue to run into these login 

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