Category sorting in Commerce 11

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I just updated my Commerce project to version 11 and wanted to sort categories by my custom order through UI, but once I switch new "Sort mode," all categories disappear. It works for products, but not for categories.

Is it a bug? 

P.S. One of the reasons for upgrading was category sorting as the customer wants to order sub-categories displayed in the navigation in a custom order. Product ordering seems useless as no one will go to sort those manually unless there are only a few products.

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    It's by design. Sorting categories turned out to be tricky, so we decided to hide the categories when sorting - i.e. only sorting entries is possible. 

    (Think I should expand the answer a bit more: There are two types of relations between nodes. The "primary" ones, which can't be sorted, and the "linked" ones, which can be sorted now. I was talking about the primary ones (which should be the ones in the questions) - and they should be the most common ones as well)

    However I agree that sorting categories makes senses in cases like yours. We might try to improve the UX by allowing sorting categories in some way, but that's not a promise :) 

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    Thanks, Quan! Hope that this functionality will come soon.

    #181578 Aug 24, 2017 15:45