How to fix empty dashboard?

I have an issue that after I added a gadget on the dashboard, initially it displayed the whole dashboard correctly but after I refreshed the page, dashboard became empty.

Link to the screenshot:

The gadget I added is my custom gadget which has a controller in the same project. Here is the code how I defined it.

[Gadget(Title = "Sales statistics")]
public class SalesStatisticsGadgetController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index()
        // action code here

But there were also other gadgets. This happens on the server but locally where I have only this gadget, it works fine.

Episerver log is empty. No errors or warnings.

What could happen with it and how to fix it?

#174113 Edited, Jan 19, 2017 9:48
  • Any JS  error?

    #174120 Jan 19, 2017 11:40
  • No, nothing in the Chrome Dev Tools console. Also, on the Network tab every request is 200.

    #174130 Jan 19, 2017 12:16
  • I remember for adding new gadget needed to add this:

        <add assembly="GadgetAssembly" />

    And without this, it was working sometimes.

    #174134 Jan 19, 2017 12:24
  • I found out that when I locally add Order Gadget, I get the same behavior.

    #174138 Jan 19, 2017 12:31
  • I see in the module.config in the root of my site that it has assembly added like:

        <add assembly="My.Web" />

    As the gadget controller is in the My.Web project (same as the whole website).

    After some testing, I found out that it doesn't like my gadget together with any of the Commerce gadgets. When I add my gadget and one of the Commerce gadgets - Order Gadget or Overview, then it stops working.

    But it works fine when my gadget is added together with other gadgets. For example, BVN.404 redirect gadget.

    #174142 Jan 19, 2017 13:11
  • Try to enable <clientResources debug="true" /> in the <episerver.framework> section. This will load the unminifed JS files and output more information in the console. Just make sure do not run this in production.

    #174473 Jan 27, 2017 7:33
  • Thanks, Magnus, it did help to track the issue.

    I found out that MenuPin caused that behavior. When I comment out it in my module.config, then everything works.

    Now have to find out the way how to make it work with MenuPin enabled.

    #174475 Jan 27, 2017 8:15
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