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Area: Episerver Add-ons Applies to versions: Forms (all versions)

Episerver Forms Developer Guide

Note: Episerver Forms is only supported by MVC-based websites and HTML5-compliant browsers.

Forms are a key element of many websites to collect information and interact with visitors. Some examples of forms are Contact usSign up for our newsletterSign up for an event, and Apply for a job.

The Episerver Forms add-on provides a block-based approach to web forms which has the following advantages:

  • Re-use. You can re-use blocks with existing content to create new forms.
  • Customized rendering. You can customize rendering of forms, including renderings for display channels, personalization, multi-language, and permissions.

Supported platform versions

  • Episerver CMS 9 and higher.


  • Available as a NuGet package.


  • Episerver Forms is only supported by MVC-based websites.