Hide menu Last updated: Jan 16 2017
Area: Episerver CMS Applies to versions: 10.2.0

Configuring the CMS user interface

This topic describes available configuration options for the user interface, with the purposes of enhancing performance and improving the user experience.

Iframe response timeout

If you get this message in edit mode it means that you've hit the response timeout for our editing iframe:

Preview Unavailable

Failed to load the preview within the given time constraints.

The default time to load a preview is 15 seconds. You can increase it by adding an appSetting in your web.config with this key: episerver:ui:PreviewTimeout. The value should be in milliseconds.

To set the preview timeout to 20 seconds, add this configuration:

    <!-- Set iframe timeout to 20 seconds -->
    <add key="episerver:ui:PreviewTimeout" value="20000" />
This timeout was added in the EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.2.0 package to solve a bug and make the iframe load more reliable.