Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

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Id Type Package Title Released
CMS-4113 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.6.1 Geographic Coordinate Visitor Group throws error with default configuration Feb 24 2017
AFORM-888 Feature EPiServer.Forms.ServiceApi 3.1.0 Improved Forms Service API for deleting submissions Feb 24 2017
CMS-6515 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.6.1 Null reference exception in ContentTypeStore when null value passed to ImageAttribute on the model Feb 24 2017
CMS-6472 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.6.1 Error in Console when opening a rejected page not in an approval sequence Feb 24 2017
CMS-6554 Bug EPiServer.CMS.Core 10.4.3 Commerce/DXC: License error might be shown even though licensed Feb 24 2017
AFORM-940 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Episerver Forms breaks PropertyList editor Feb 20 2017
AFORM-863 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Broken UI in Collection item Feb 20 2017
AFORM-851 Feature EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Improve Autofill API (Beta) Feb 20 2017
AFORM-642 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Drag and Drop Form Elements with required properties should show "create content view" for entering values Feb 20 2017
AFORM-963 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 EPiServer.Forms breaks collection editor / PropertyList Feb 20 2017
AFORM-843 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Form Samples: If Date time element name contains special character, next step button disabled Feb 20 2017
AFORM-953 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Scrollbars are missing for PropertyList types Feb 20 2017
AFORM-946 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Null exception when creating a view and controller Feb 20 2017
AFORM-883 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Multiple step does not work when disabling Session State Feb 20 2017
AFORM-943 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 In forms, if field names include space or tab, subsequent text is truncated Feb 20 2017
AFORM-924 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Multi-step form not moving to top of form when continuing to next step Feb 20 2017
AFORM-900 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Step element setting: Second click on "Only display if field" does not work Feb 20 2017
AFORM-955 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Form values disappear intermittently Feb 20 2017
MAR-472 Feature Episerver.Marketing.Testing 2.0.0 KPI to determine average order value Feb 20 2017
AFORM-954 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.1 Episerver.Forms.Core should have dependency to CMS.UI.Core only Feb 20 2017