Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

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Id Type Package Title Released
COM-4014 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Hashtable serialization always changes keys to camel cases Mar 06 2017
COM-3871 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 IPurchaseOrder.ExpirationDate always set to DateTime.MaxValue regardless of value Mar 06 2017
COM-3802 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Legacy promotions: Exclusive within ALL groups option not working Mar 06 2017
COM-3856 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Price displays Euro currency when adding item to cart using currency USD Mar 06 2017
COM-3793 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Possible to create campaigns and promotions from CMS edit Mar 06 2017
COM-3731 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Poor performance in ecf_CatalogEntrySearch_Init Mar 06 2017
COM-3813 Bug EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 Commerce Manager localized to German Mar 06 2017
COM-3440 Feature EPiServer.Commerce 10.4.0 [Recommendations] Public beta release Mar 06 2017
AFORM-944 Feature EPiServer.Forms 4.4.2 FormElement should be easier to change big-icon (in create Block List) and small-icon (in ToolBar) Mar 03 2017
AFORM-984 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.2 Can't export Form submissions if form name contains # Mar 03 2017
AFORM-967 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.2 Captcha's image is not displayed after upgrading Forms to 4.4.1. Mar 03 2017
AFORM-980 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.2 Multiple steps/multiple pages with condition does not work properly Mar 03 2017
AFORM-973 Bug EPiServer.Forms 4.4.2 Find cannot index "Hidden visitor profiling" form element Mar 03 2017
CMS-6429 Feature CmsVisualStudioExtension 10.1.0 Support for VS2017 in Visual Studio integration Mar 02 2017
CMS-4768 Bug CmsVisualStudioExtension 10.1.0 Remove the possibility to create "Online Center Gadgets" from the Visual Studio integration Mar 02 2017
CMS-4439 Bug CmsVisualStudioExtension 10.1.0 Visual studio extension should use new company name and logo Mar 02 2017
CMS-6430 Bug CmsVisualStudioExtension 10.1.0 Alloy MVC: EPiServer.Search does not work in site created by Visual Studio integration Mar 02 2017
MAR-470 Feature Episerver.Marketing.Testing 2.1.0 As a user, I want a KPI for determining stickiness of my site after the user views my test page. Feb 27 2017
MAR-459 Feature Episerver.Marketing.Testing 2.1.0 As a user, I want the KPI I select to inform me of what the results mean when I am viewing them within the AB Test information screens Feb 27 2017
CMS-6436 Bug EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.6.1 Compare different version loads wrong language Feb 24 2017