Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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Id Type Title Released
CMS-7642 Bug Dynamic content rendering broken in webforms Jun 07 2017
MAR-1051 Bug Client-side KPIs don't convert in HTTPS environments Jun 05 2017
MAR-819 Feature As a KPI author I would like the client side KPI's to support all available kpi result types. Jun 05 2017
EPSO-1051 Feature Add a "Contains" expression to the library of filter expressions Jun 02 2017
EPSO-952 Feature Add the mean rating value to the statistics for a target. Jun 02 2017
COM-4561 Bug Unnecessary queries to get all children entries Jun 02 2017
CMS-7600 Bug Azure event provider should be able to recreate lost topics and subscriptions Jun 02 2017
EPSO-1182 Feature Add troubleshooting information to authentication failures Jun 02 2017
EPSO-1050 Feature Add an "Or" expression to the library of filter expressions Jun 02 2017
COM-4471 Bug LineItemID resetting on IIS-reset Jun 02 2017
CMS-7043 Bug Email subject not using display name Jun 02 2017
COM-4469 Bug QuickSilver: Tax is not updated when updating shipping address in Checkout page as an registered user Jun 02 2017
CMS-6928 Bug Custom icon not showing if content in ContentArea Jun 02 2017
CMS-6926 Bug Can add user to step more than once Jun 02 2017
COM-4521 Bug QuickSilver: Tax lost when change between multi and single shipment Jun 02 2017
CMS-7462 Bug Cannot register custom editor descriptor for boolean Jun 02 2017
EPSO-1089 Feature Performance improvements when filtering by extension type Jun 02 2017
COM-4607 Bug Error message for wrong type metafield can be confusing at time Jun 02 2017
COM-4525 Bug [Quicksilver]Shipment release schedule: Cannot release shipment for order has order promotion Jun 02 2017
FIND-2335 Bug Find Search Page pagetype does not exist when installing site with Find in VS2017 Jun 02 2017