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Accessing Azure information

This topic describes how you log in to the Azure portal to access subscriptions and resources managed by Episerver, as part of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service.


You will need an organizational email address like firstname.lastname@company.com, associated with an enabled personal business Microsoft Live account. If you do not have this, you can register here for a Microsoft Live account.  

If your organization already has a verified Microsoft Azure AD domain account, you can also use this for accessing DXC Service. See Microsoft Associate Azure subscriptions for more information about Azure subscriptions and accounts. 

Note: Generic accounts like access@somedomain.com, or private hotmail-type accounts like my-private-mail@live.com, cannot be used. Access to subscription information can only be granted for organizational Microsoft Live enabled accounts.

Access to environments

You will be granted access to only the Integration environment, which is where deployment and testing of your solution take place. Contact Episerver if you have any questions.

STEP 1. Requesting access

Request access from Episerver to the Azure portal for each customer/environment for which you want to see subscription information

  • Submit the information using the form below. Make sure you provide correct and complete information, to get access granted as quickly as possible.
  • When Episerver has received the information, you are normally granted access within 3 business days. You will receive an email notification when access has been provided.

Enter the information in the form below and click Submit Request

    • Live ID, for example firstname.lastname@company.com
    • Name of the account owner, for example Firstname Lastname
    • Company associated with the account owner, for example Partner or Customer company name
    • Work role for the account owner, for example Developer
    • Valid from/to (date From-To) for the access to apply (default is 1 year)
    • Environment to which you want access, normally INT (Integration)
    • Level of access, normally Contributor

Azure access request

You must be logged in to submit the form.
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STEP 2. Confirming invitation and logging in

After submitting the access request in STEP 1, you will receive an invitation email from Episerver.

  1. Click the link in the email to confirm the invitation, and you will be taken to the Azure portal.
  2. In the account selection step, select Personal account, and log in with your Microsoft Live account ID.

    Note: Depending on how the Microsoft account that you are using was originally set up, your log in options may be different. In most cases it will be the Personal option you need to use. Should you select the wrong one, you will not see your requested resources. Log out and log in again with the other option.

  3. After logging in, go to the upper right menu and select EPiServer Managed Services to switch to the directory with your DXC Service-related subscriptions.

  4. You should now see your subscriptions and resources.


There seems to be a JS error in the form to request access.

Thanks for the feedback, we are investigating the error.

I have the same error in Chrome but was able to submit using Internet Explorer.

Not working in Chrome v60.0.3112.101 and IE v11.0.9600.183537

I was able to submit on Firefox v54.0

OK, we're looking into this issue again, thanks for reporting.

We have verified the form submittion on both Windows 10, MACOS but could not reproduce the issue. If you still encounter any difficult on the submittion, please contact to epw@episerver.com with the browser logs attachment.