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  • Editor Access to Episerver Categories Admin Functionality

    Overview EPiServer separates the functionality for website editors and site administrators by using two distinct user interfaces (Edit & Admin interface). Edit mode offers granular control by allowing you to set access rights for content. The...

  • What the FAQ are you talking about?

    As you may have noticed I like the Microsoft Cognitive Services a lot. There is quite a nice, preview, service called QnA maker, which takes your QnA items on e.g. a FAQ page and applies some Machine Learning to it. The great thing is that you can...

  • Invalidate the Site or Page Cache In EPiServer

    Background Recently I was asked for a code snippet to manually invalidate site and individual page cache in EPiServer. My first impression was why you want to go out of the way to manually invalidate site or a page cache when EPiServer automatical...

  • How many times a day are you looking for digital assets?

    If you take a second to think about it, how long are you spending each day to find the digital assets like images, videos etc. needed for your work? Surely quite some time, and I can ensure you that you are not alone. Your coworkers most likely ha...

  • [BUG] Episerver CMS Version Gadget Republish Breaks Download Option for Media Content

    I came across an annoying issue with EPiServer media management related to versioning in EPiServer CMS from version 10 .0.1 onward. Read more

  • Promotions & GiftCards

    Note: this is a post regarding the new Promotion System, introduced in Commerce 9.24. I highly recommend using it, if you are not already. Selling gift cards in an ecommerce shop is a very common thing shop owners want to do, albeit it’s more the...

  • Maintaining your indexes

    Indexes are crucial to SQL Server performance. Having the right indexes might make the difference of day and night with your application performance – as I once talked here. However, even having the right indexes is not everything. You have to kee...

  • Planned breaking changes 2017 (CMS Core)

    An update to let you know what breaking changes are planned for CMS Core, as we have done the last few years we plan for one breaking change release of CMS per year. With that said, please note that this is preliminary and subject to change. More... 7

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