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  • Please, rebuild your database indexes, now

    I will make it quick and to the point: if you are expecting a lot of customers visiting your site tomorrow (and you should) for Black Friday, you should rebuild your database indexes, now. On average, it will help you to serve more customers and...

  • Dependency injection recipe for Episerver developer

    Ingredients dependent object dependency Method Find out if the dependent object supports constructor injection. TIP: Your custom classes, controllers, scheduled jobs (Episerver 10.3+) supports constructor injection. You also can check what does no...

  • Tokenised content in Episerver

    I've occasionally seen the requirement for tokenised content in Episerver. By tokenised I mean the ability to insert a token such as [ContactUsEmail] or [Telephone] site wide and have it populated based on values set at a site/section level. This...

  • Speed up your site with client-side prefetched content - Part 1

    By now, we all know that a critical part of any user experience is speed - how fast is your site. And we all appreciate when we are at a website and it just feels lightening fast.  Now, there are many ways to optimize sites running on Episerver to... 3

  • CMS 11 - A package breaking release

    At Episerver we are using continuous releases and we follow  semantic versioning . That means that we release features and bugfixes continuously. A major release indicates that there is breaking change compared to the previous version. The main...

  • Migrate from SQL membership to identity

    If your EPiServer website is still on ASP.Net membership system, think t he ASP.NET membership system was introduced with ASP.NET 2.0 back in 2005, and since then there have been many changes in the ways web applications typically handle... 2

  • Uppgrading to #Episerver CMS 11 causing errors and how to solve them

    Big changes under the hood this time, mostly classes being moved out to new binaries, meaning many add ons / dependencies needs to be updated.

  • Episerverless = Episerver + Azure Functions

    Can your Episerver be serverless? Let's combine Azure Functions with Episerver and see what could Episerverless look like.

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