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  • Making Razor Layouts More Flexible for Episerver

    Episerver community provide developers with great starter sites on GitHub or the Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension, but for flexible Razor layouts,

  • The Episerver Template Resolver Explained - How Does Episerver Call Your Controller?

    As I've previously mentioned in, How to Hook Into The Episerver CMS Events Pipeline  Episerver MVC based website are very closely related to the normal MVC pipeline, with a few surprises.  The main difference between Episerver and MVC are how...

  • New version of FontThumbnail

    Earlier this year I released a package that is used for generating preview images for the different contenttypes in your Episerver solution, using an override to the built-in "ImageUrlAttribute" that you can decorate your content types with.

  • What’s life without DAM?

    So you are just about done with work for the day and all you need is that perfect image to make your news update complete… But where is it? I guess we can all relate to the situation where we’ve been looking for the right version of the company lo...

  • Benchmarking Episerver serializable carts

    In version 10.2, Episerver introduced a feature called serializable carts . This enables you to store carts as json in a key-value manner to improve performance. This project aims to benchmark the performance improvements of Episervers new... 1

  • Episerver Slack Community

    For the last couple of years, we have been utilizing Slack as our primary communication tool. It's fast, searchable, direct, (practically) spam free and lets you effortlessly collaborate easier in or across offices without cluttering your inbox. N... 3

  • Episever CMS 10 exam tips

    A few day ago I passed the Episerver CMS 10 certification exam. Here are some tips if you plan to do the same. Note that this is not a full list of the knowledge areas. This is just a list of the areas that (I’m pretty sure) are new to the CMS 10...

  • Episerver breaking changes policies

    There has been a small confusion regarding our breaking changes policies, and some developers understand it as "Episerver promises to not introduce breaking changes in non-major releases".  That's not entirely correct. We promises to not introduce... 9

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