March 15 2012, 15:04

Episerver 6 R2 page not reflecting on NLB server


I am facing a problem in Episerver 6 R2. I have my website on NLB server. When I am trying to create a new page in episerver then that page is visible when i browse my website from one server out of two on NLB but these changes are not visible at all the time when I browse my site from other server. When I refresh my page from this server sometimes changes are reflected and sometime they are not.

Kindly help me with any solution. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • March 15 2012, 16:07


    You need to configure remote events so each server gets notified when to invalidate the cache.

  • March 19 2012, 15:57
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  • March 19 2012, 16:20

    I tried using this solution but the problem still remains the same. New page created is behaving strangly. It appears and disapperas on its own will. When I recycle the app pool of my website only then Changes are visible.

  • March 19 2012, 17:00

    Is the maximum worker processes set to 1 in the app pool of the servers?

  • March 19 2012, 17:19

    Are you certain remote events are working properly?

    Have you tried installing the Event monitoring gadget from here

    This allows you to send events from one server and verify that it is received on other servers.

  • March 19 2012, 17:40

    No, max worker process is set to 2

  • March 19 2012, 17:45

    In a normal scenario, you can only have 1 worker process. Not sure how it's handled in a load balancing scenario. Try to set it to one and see if that helps.

  • March 19 2012, 21:33

    See this thread for more info (appears it could be the same issue as described in this thread):

  • March 20 2012, 8:34

    I guess ill be needing 2 worker processes to handle load balancing scenerios. @david ..thanx for the link. Pblm is some what similar but main issue is caused by NLB server. Any guesses ...Is it to do any thing with the authentication modes( form , basic or anonymous). Which all authentication modes be enabled. Also does nebody know weather classic or integrated managed pipleline mode option play any role in this. Currently I am using Integrated amanged pipeline mode

  • March 22 2012, 8:56


    Have you solved this problem? If not view Steve Celius answer at We had an EPiServer site behaving strange like this. The worker processes were set to 2. Resetting it to 1 solved the problem. As Steve Celius says: "Multiple worker processes is effectively load balancing but on one server". And you are already "loadbalancing" with your NLB. My guess is when using multiple worker processes only one gets the clear cache messages from EPi remote events the other worker process do not.


  • March 22 2012, 9:54

    Thanx hans, ill try that since pblm is not solved .and will come back to u .....In meanwhile if u could suggest weather authentication modes do play any role in this. And which all authentications be used(form ,basic, anonymous ) I have hosted my site on IIS 7.0

  • March 22 2012, 11:02

    Authentication modes should not have anything to do with it.

  • March 23 2012, 8:38

    Thanx for ur help guys......Its working now. Worker process is to be 1 on both the servers and some other basic settings of enable remote events.

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