MultiplexingMembershipProvider, Copy user to Common at log in


We're using the MultiplexingRoleProvider (provider1="EPiServerCommonRoleProvider" provider2="WindowsRoleProvider") and MultiplexingIntegrationMembershipProvider (provider1="EPiServerCommonMembershipProvider" provider2="WindowsMembershipProvider"), and has set roleToSynchronize1 to "1*". The site has multiple sites (one for each country, since the content is quite different).

When a user is added to the Common database when logging in through the WindowsRoleProvider/WindowsMembershipProvider, the user gets the en-US culture, independent of the culture that is set for the site that the user logs on to.

How do I configure our setup so that the user gets the same culture in the Common database as the site the user has logged on?

// Kind regards, Torbjörn

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    You could make your own Integrator and do set the language in the SynchronizeUser method

  • Yeah, that's a solution. I thought though that there would be a setting for that.


    // Regards, Torbjörn

  • I'm thinking of writing my own Integrator. But I can't find where the Integrator/SynchronizeUser is called/configured. 

    I'd be very thankful if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks, Josef

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  • Format got a bit off :)

  • Great, thanks for quick reply. I'll try to get it working. Is it posible to just extend existing module with own code, or do I have to create my own module from scratch by reflecting existing binaries? 

  • Think you need to do some reflection, but most can be used as is.

    Dont remeber all the details, sorry

  • Perhaps it's possible to just hook the SecurityHandler CreatedUser / UpdatedUser events and set the culture there, so you don't have to mess around with the integrator.

  • Magnus, thank you for your input. I actually hijacked this thread to find out more about how to override the Integrator. My problem is different than the original post about culture. I posted my problem in a new thread. Perhaps you can read it and give me your thoughts? I don't know if the Integrator is the correct path to follow...?

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