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Are there any Demo template for EPiCommunity for download ?



#22962 Aug 22, 2008 8:49
  • Hi,

    We are working on new demo templates for EPiServer Community which should be finished sometime this fall.

    In the mean time there are some examples available if you register on this site,

    -- Per

    #23031 Aug 25, 2008 10:17
  • Hi

    Any movement on this?.. We're EPiserver partners and the source of the working site u mentioned above will do.No need for an auto installer like with the CMS 5 templates Demo packages.. Will that be possible?



    #25930 Nov 12, 2008 19:01
  • Hi,

    We're on the finishing line.

    The Community demo templates will be shipped for Tests next week, Meanwhile everyone is bizzy updating the installation manager and the community core code. As well as fixing up last bits of the demo templates and write documentations/instructions/demo content etc. to create the whole package for a release.

    For example for our swedish customers we have an User event next thursday/friday here in Stockholm with community sessions where we demo the new templates. If you're interested about the community demo templates contact your partner manager for further info.


    btw - the package is called Relate+ so far. Smile
    #25932 Nov 12, 2008 20:56
  • Hi Per

    Thanks for the reply.

    Is there anyway I can get hold of the beta database and the site source as per

    The installation is a nice to have but not imperative. I could add areas of the site that I need. as long as we have the sln/source and db.

    On another note, Please advise if community (Relate+) uses the default episerver db/structure? i.e no 2nd db?

    I'm running EPiserver R1 SP3 5.1.422.267

    Also on the user profiles. What is the connection between Relate + users(comminuty admin access) vs the episerver users(editmode,admin mode). I have tried to look for material on that.  some clarification please..



    #25939 Nov 13, 2008 11:15
  • Hi,

    do you want the solution/source of the link
    or the new templates for relateplus - which are not yet finished for relase?
    Either way its best to contact one of episerver partners managers and they can arrange something.

    About if second db - so no. EPiServer CMS and community share the same database for Relate+.

    About User profiles - Episerver Community is using .net 2.0 membership provider  for authentication. In documents section and developers guide - look at the first tutorial about user management for some examples. In Relate+ demo templates we tried to minimize the use of episerver community security handling due to major refactoring of thoose classes as of now. E.g. They are moving to a new namespace episerver.common - to be shared between cms and community core. But that is not finish for release yet.

    But you will see many news in Episver Community namespaces and functionallity in near future when they get ready for relase.

    hope this helps/clarifies.


    #25965 Nov 13, 2008 23:03
  • also,

    EPiServers community "admin" mode is built in as a plugin to EPiServer CMS Edit mode, as of now. Of course future relase will change this.
    Community admin is accessing the community database tables as episerver cms admin mode access episerver cms database tables.

    However, the same user "john doe" will exists in both places - or in fact in several tables. But there is no direct link today between the two except for .net membership provider.

    #25966 Nov 13, 2008 23:10
  • Hi Per

    Thanks for your responses. It sheds light on the subject.

    the solution/source and database will do perfect.


    #25999 Nov 17, 2008 11:12
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