Message "This installation contains only core files"

Hi when creating a site with database (choosing to install pubic templates), through the deployment centre in CMS 6, at the end of the process, the browser renders with the message "This installation contains only core files"

Any pointers would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

  • Hi Jon,

    The only core files message is the default .html page that resides in the site. If you as you said have chosen to install a template packate your site should answer with that page instead. 

    Is it a new computer your installing EPi on? I would check that the ASP.Net is install on the IIS. So that it can serve the aspx instead of the .html file

  • Hi Petter,


    thanks for the response.  Yes, it is loading the default.htm rather than the default.aspx, but IIS is able to serve ASP.NET pages.  It is only episerver projects that IIS cannot load correctly. 



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