Automatic login - Active Directory


i have a Intranet and users should be logged in automatically (AD).

"Anonymous users" in the IIS manager is unchecked but the access is not automatic.

Users have to insert username and password.

Maybe depends on "Authenticated access" ?

There is 4 options:

- Integrated Windows authentication (checked)

- Digest authentication for windows domain servers (unchecked)

- Basic authentication (unchecked)

- .NET Passport authentication (unchecked)

  • Is the setting on the users browser correct then?(allow to send the credentials to the domain)

    You usually need to add the domain to the "local intranet" zone in ie

  • Hi,

    If your users are using IE then this could be a zone setting issue on the client side.
    Make sure they have the site in the "Intranet Zone", because that's the only zone that has "Automatic logn" set as default.


  • yes,

    it works fine

  • Hi Ivan,

    I am trying to do a similar thing for our intranet, may I ask what  role and membership providers you were using to get the users to successfully login using AD - I am currently using the MultiplexingMembershipProvider with my two providers being the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and the EPiServerCommonIntegrationMembershipProvider which is seeing the roles ok, but not automaticly logging in the user.  Do I need to be using the WindosMembershipProvider to enable users to auto login if so how can I sync the users with activeDirectory?

     - What athenticaion method are you using in your web.config? Windows or Forms?

    Many thanks for your assistance.



  • Upping this thread. Does anyone know the answer to Arnolds question?



  • If using AD only, you'd want the Active Directory membership and role providers and if you want automatic login I think that would imply Windows Authentication.

    That should work, possibly with something like this in place: to fix any kind of mismatch between the logged in identity (possibly "domain\user") and what can be looked up in the membership provider (probably "user").


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