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Get your 404s under control!

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Having a good looking 404 page is kind of like having a nice dentist or doctor – although nice, we do not want to see them too often. In other words, no matter how good looking or user friendly our 404 page is, we do not want our users to end up on it.

With the new version of the 404 handler, you can easily address this and minimize the number of 404 errors on your site. In addition to the nifty features from the previous versions, we have now added logging of 404 errors. The logged errors get presented as custom redirect suggestions in an extended view of the Custom Redirects Manager gadget. You can also see an error’s referrers, so that you are able to see which page or site the 404 error originated from.



Downloads (EPiServer module or source code) and further documentation for 404 Handler 3.0 is available at The module is also available as a NuGet pack on the EPiServer NuGet feed.


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