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  • EPiServer CMS Visual Studio Integration Extensions

    EPiServer CMS 6 R2 ships with a Visual Studio Integration package that you can optionally install from the zip download found here . Once this is installed, you get not only a new EPiServer Project type but also EPiServer components that can be... 4

  • Code Samples from EPiServer North America Partner Summit 2011

    At the EPiServer North America Partner Summit last week, I showed some code examples of: Dynamic Content using User Controls including a custom edit control Personalization Criteria including a custom edit control An OnlineCenter Gadget storing da... 0

  • Dynamic Content Just Got Easier

    EPiServer CMS 6 R2 includes some improvements to Dynamic Content (DC from now on) both for developers and editors. Simplified Implementation In previous versions of DC, you had to create a class that implemented the EPiServer.DynamicContent.IDynam... 3

  • Page Rating example using Page Objects

    At the EPiServer Techforum in Oslo last week, I showed a quick and dirty page rating feature for CMS 6 using Page Objects and Dynamic Content. The source code for that can be found here . The project consists of 3 class: The Rating object. This is... 3

  • Presentations from DevSummit 2008

    Magnus Stråle and I gave two presentations at the DevSummit 2008. The presentation about Dynamic Content can be found here and the presentation about Content Channel and Page Providers can be found here. Enjoy!

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I am an EPiServer Alumni. At EPiServer I contributed to all CMS 5 and 6 versions working with the backend system, installation / deployment as well working as a Developer Evangelist. I am now a freelance developer working with ASP.NET and EPiServer technologies.

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