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  • Async Pages part 3: Async Pages with databinding and events

    In the previous post How to use asynchrony in your Pages we saw a basic example of asynchronous processing. Compared to how the code would have looked if it was written for synchronous processing things were a bit shifted in order. That has... 2

  • Async Pages part 2: How to use asynchrony in your Pages

    This is a follow-up on the post How async pages may save your (server’s) life . In that post you may learn a bit more about how ASP.NET processing works and how your site can become incredibly slow even though your server isn’t busy (in the CPU lo... 0

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Magnus Rahl (formerly Paulsson): Former EMVP and EPiServer and .NET solution architect/developer that has now joined EPiServer to pitch in with the EPiServer core development.

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