Blog entries posted during 2009

  • Automatic Sub Category Property Type

    I had the need to categorize pages in several different “dimensions”, grouped as subcategories. I wanted to display these categories in different properties, but I didn’t want to display the whole category tree in each property (it’s quite large),... 1

  • Paging with LINQ – performance

    Facing a scenario where I needed to select EPiServerProfile objects based on different criteria and displaying a paged view based on these objects I thought I should use LINQ. Neat syntax and readable code, but what about the performance? There ar... 2

  • R2 SP2 Upgrade fails with case sensitive collation

    Trying to upgrade a site from EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1 to R2 SP2 I ran into problems. The error message I encountered was Invalid column name 'fkPageTypeId' Invalid column name 'pkId' Invalid column name 'fkPageId' The reason turned out to be that t... 0

  • Generic Property Value Selection Tree

    Relate+ uses the Club and Forum association property types to associate pages with Community entities. This is a great way to integrate community and editorial content. However, the edit control for the property uses a flat list of all available... 2

  • The accessible LinkButtton

    The ASP.NET LinkButton webcontrol is great in many ways, but one clear shortcoming i accessibility. Because it doesn’t render a xhtml input control it can not perform http POST on it’s own, it uses javascript to do this. If, for accessibility... 0

  • Migrating PersonalizedData – the quick and dirty way

    If the site you are migrating is using the PersonalizedData class to store non-standard values for the users, you will soon discover that the Migration Tool does not (yet?) migrate this data. You have to do it yourself, and here is a quick and dir... 1

  • Social bookmarking as Dynamic Content

    Many of you have probably built sites with social bookmarking icons or similar (“Share on facebook” etc.). Just for fun I decided to create an easily extendable implementation for this, and to do it as Dynamic Content to enable editors to place... 0

  • Dynamic Content goes personal

    It started out as a simple Dynamic Content element which displayed the name of the user viewing the page, to enable editors to add greetings like “Hello [user name], welcome to the page!”. I then realized there may be many other uses for that type... 1

  • Problems installing EPiServer 4.x with newer versions of EPiServer and .NET present

    This is probably old news for many of you, but I decided to put two common problems with installing EPiServer 4.x in the same blog article. The first problem is caused by the .NET framework 3.0 or newer and the second by EPiServer CMS 5 R1 or newe... 3

  • Windows Live Writer – updated instructions

    Update The below steps are no longer needed since a bug in the EPiServer version used on has been fixed, as mentioned in this blog post . You should now be fine following the instructions in the EPiServer World Blogging... 2

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Magnus Rahl (formerly Paulsson): Former EMVP and EPiServer and .NET solution architect/developer that has now joined EPiServer to pitch in with the EPiServer core development.

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