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  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.6.3 Released

    In the previous couple of minor releases I added some functionality to automatically render dynamic content correctly in presentation view, I had several requests from Developers for this ability. The implementation ended up becoming more complex... 1

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.6.2.1 Released

    There was a bug with dynamic content rendering in Release v1.6.2 when in published view.  This has been fixed in v1.6.2.1. Installation The easiest way to install the assembly is by installing it from the EPiServer Nuget Feed (once it has been mad... 0

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.6.2 Released

    A new version of my MultipleProperty assembly is now available. For more information regarding the ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty assembly please refer to codeplex which has several links to useful resources.   Background for the v1.6.2 Release ... 3

  • Building Hyperlinks in EPiServer

    An issue was raised in one of the projects I was working on yesterday to do with some of the hyperlinks that are rendered on various components within the site. The issue was mainly to do an editor setting a PageReference property to point to a pa... 1

  • ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.6.1 Released

    A new version of MultipleProperty has now been released . New Minor Features Edit captions will now be used in error messages rather than property names.  In previous versions if there was a property named “ImageGalleries” collection with an... 0

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