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  • Add CultureSpecific to an exisiting block area – keep the data

    Recently we built a globalized site in EPiServer 7. When the page was filled with content, the client wished that the block area should be the same for all languages. Once the page was launched the customer realized that they needed to have...

  • Find page id from page files folder id

    A customer had an URL to a page file, but couldn’t locate the page where the file was stored. And somehow the search in EPiServer didn’t give any hits on the file, so started digging around in the database and found the column ExternalFolderID in...

  • Handle children with Action window plugin

    Every now and then I bump in to a “problem” where I have to delete children from a node or copy/move children from one node to another. The first time I ran into this problem, I made a gui plugin for the action window to solve this for me. And now...

  • How to get a page property value from the start page in EPiServer

    When browsing through google analytics, it’s interesting to see what people search for to find your blog. So, I will try to make a few blog posts about the most frequent search terms so it will be easier to find. If you have a property that you ne...

  • Error in UI-path when upgrading from EPiServer 5 to 6

    The other day we were upgrading a site for a customer from EPiServer 5 to EPiServer 6. In the upgrade process an exception was thrown telling us: At C:\Program Files (x86)\EPiServer\CMS\6.0.530.0\Upgrade\System Scripts\Upgrade Site (SqlServer).ps1...

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