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  • EPiServer 6 – It’s 2010 and we can check our spelling… with a bit of configuration

    Further to my previous post, and thank you all for so many views, I now have a solution for enabling the Google spell checker on the tinyMCE editor: Add the two dlls in the zip below to your project Copy the required lines from the web.config in t... 4

  • EPiServer 6 – It’s 2010 and I can’t check my spelling!

    So with the release of EPiServer 6 and all it’s advancements comes the news that spell checking is handled by your browser, great news if your using Firefox, a shambles if your not. How did the decision to disable spell checking for IE ever get ou... 3

  • Displaying plugins dynamically

    I recently found the need to display a plugin dynamically, in a very similar way to the ‘Form Data’ plugin, in a certain PropertyData type existed within a page type. After reflecting the code for the form data plugin I was able to duplicate the... 1

  • PropertyVPPDirectorySelector

    After noticing that the Folder Browser Property had been release on EPiCode . I though I would share my alternative property type for rendering the list in a drop down menu, that I initially developed when CMS 5 was released. Custom property: publ... 1

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