Blog entries posted during March 2009

  • jQuery and ajax page tree service

    I needed to show the pagetree for my users and tried out several dynamic ajax based and jquery based treeviews. I liked the “dynatree” best and I want to share a simple implementation. In this case I will place the control in the public... 1

  • Easy made search function for EPiServer

    Technorati-taggar: Search , PageTextIndexDB This is an easy example to find pages from a seachword into a pagedatacollection in EPiServer PageTextIndex database. Header for “using”: --- using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using... 4

  • Workflows with EPiServer is really easy!

    Technorati-taggar: Workflow , WFF Yes, I know, this is easy. Perhaps there’s someone who likes simple tasks as well ;-) {EpiServer Version: 5 R2 and Visual Studio 2008} I’ve earlier done some side event interactions with EPiServer, eg. when saving... 5

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