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  • Extending ContentArea to use custom CSS class on child elements

    In EPiServer 7.5 there is support for selection DisplayOption for items in a ContentArea. The build in support will change the tag the item is rendered with. But if you want to render it with the default tag and just add some CSS to the item this ... 3

  • Error when copy a page structure

    If you experience that you get an error when trying to copy or export/import a page tree the reason could be that you are missing some files in the VPP (7.0) or Appdata(7.5). What you then need is to find what files you are missing. I have made a... 0

  • EPiServer 7 and MVC Views using Tags

    The pattern I use for utilize the MVC framework and EPiServer blocks is based on inheritance and the use of tags. I have one Default block controller that handles all the blocks. If a BlockTypeA that inherits from BlockData with tag=”Col4” if will... 1

  • Query content of inherit type or those that implements an interface

    Sometimes when I do import jobs, I check if a content type have a specific property. If a page exists I update it, and if not I create a new. Other times I want to find some pages that inherits form a basepage type and get those pages that have so... 0

  • How to get html from a view and change the content in MVC

    There are times you want to manipulate the html after it has created to change image references, or change the links outputted to friendly URL’s. Here is a trick how to get the content out of a view in MVC and use the HtmlAgilityPack to change the... 2

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